A mother and her baby | The Chertsey Breast Pump Backpack | Source: Getty Images | Instagram/idaho_jones
A mother and her baby | The Chertsey Breast Pump Backpack | Source: Getty Images | Instagram/idaho_jones

Travel Bags for Moms: 6 Functional and Convenient Picks

Milla Sigaba
Dec 12, 2023
08:48 A.M.
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As the festive season creeps up, there has never been a better time for these six travel bags for moms to find use. These bags are of great assistance, especially to moms traveling with the little ones during the Christmas season.

Traveling as a mother, especially to young children, can be a stressful experience, as there is always so much to pack—from your child's favorite stuffed animal to your breast pump—and only so much space.

However, with these six highly recommended travel bags for moms, you can make packing for a festive getaway or a trip to grandma and grandpa a breeze, as these travel bags are built for convenience and functionality with a touch of luxury.

A family loading their car for a holiday | Source: Getty Images

A family loading their car for a holiday | Source: Getty Images

With the help of experts who know what it's like to travel with a baby, opinions of other mothers on tried and trusted products to use when traveling, and a compilation of some of the best bags for family travel, here are six of the best travel bags for moms.

Travel Bags for Moms: 6 Functional and Convenient Picks

1. Chertsey Breast Pump Backpack

The Chertsey Breast Pump Backpack from Idaho Jones is the perfect combination of style, functionality, and comfort, as this backpack allows nursing mothers to feed on the go, including on the plane.

The breast pump is discreetly tucked inside a stylish leather bag that comes in different designs for whatever your taste may be, as well as additional pockets and storage space.

"WOW! I absolutely love this bag and definitely recommend it! It is a must for any mama pumping on the go," one review read in part. Another person shared, "Perfect bag for back to work! My spectra pump fits along with my Ceres Chill for storing milk."

2. L.L. Bean Boat and Tote® Zip-Top

The L.L. Bean Boat and Tote® Zip-Top is another bag perfect for the traveling mom, combining style and functionality. While the bag design is customizable for your preference, it also comes in three different sizes with handles tested to carry 500 pounds.

Now, you can keep everything in one place while flying — from your keys and sunglasses to bottles, diapers, and a fresh change of clothes for the little one.

A reviewer shared in part, "A must-have!! Perfect for moms of infants, toddlers, and busy kids. Great for the beach or boat, a trip to grandma's, storage in the car, and even for college (sic)!"

3. Hap Tim Diaper Backpack

The Hap Tim Diaper Backpack is not only perfect for keeping all of the baby's essentials on standby, but it also comes with stroller straps and a waterproof pappy bag backpack. The bag's size also makes it perfect as hand luggage.

A reviewer shared in part, "The diaper bag fit everything we needed to fly. The straps were comfortable enough to carry (the bag was 11 lbs, full for travel) while being 33 weeks pregnant. [...] Highly recommended!"

4. Jujube BFF Convertible Diaper Bag

The Jujube BFF Convertible Diaper Bag is another diaper bag bound to become your best friend. Its seven interior pockets make it perfect for organization and storage when traveling, and its compact size makes it suitable to bring on the plane when flying.

It comes with detachable and adjustable straps so you can wear it any way you like, and it provides enough space and structure for you and your child's needs. A reviewer shared in part, "I love this bag! It is super functional and I love the material (it) is wipeable. I love the straps and the overall look of it."

5. Landon Neoprene Carryall Bag

Like the L.L. Bean Boat and Tote® Zip-Top, the Landon Neoprene Carryall Bag is the perfect piece of luggage for the traveling mom, as its compact size offers the option to bring it on the plane when flying. With this bag, you'll have your baby's needs only a hand's reach away and stored in a cute carry-on.

"I love this bag! [...] It holds my things as well as the things my children need. The fabric wipes clean easily with soap and water [...]. One of my best bags," a reviewer shared in part.

6. Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe

The Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe is another tote perfect for the traveling mother. It is an excellent purchase for any chic mom wanting to combine style and an eco-friendly, family-friendly travel bag with a hand luggage-friendly size bag for flying.

"This is an awesome bag! I have two kids, and I can get all their belongings in this bag and put it on my rolling bag instead of having to lug two rolling bags. This is a big deal when flying solo with a baby and a toddler," one reviewer shared in part.

Whether you're traveling alone or with your children, these six practical and functional carry-on bags provide the much-needed space and comfort you need for worry-fee packing.

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