Haneda Airport | Source: Shutterstock
Haneda Airport | Source: Shutterstock

Sleeping at Haneda Airport — Your Gateway to Restful Layovers

Naomi Wanjala
May 07, 2024
10:20 A.M.
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Discover the secrets to a tranquil layover with our ultimate guide to sleeping at Haneda Airport, where comfort meets convenience to refresh weary travelers.

Facing a lengthy layover or an early flight from Tokyo's Haneda Airport? The thought of navigating this scenario can be daunting. However, with our guide to sleeping at Haneda Airport, you're set to transform your wait into a restful interlude.

Whether you're curled up for a few peaceful hours or settling down for the night, we equip you with all the essential tips and insights to ensure you're not just killing time, but rejuvenating for the journey ahead.

Everything You Need to Know about Sleeping at Haneda Airport

Sleeping at Haneda Airport can turn a long layover or an early departure into a comfortable and restful experience. Here's what you need to know about the sleep pods available at this bustling Tokyo hub:

Sleep Pod Features and Arrangement:

  • Operator: First Class, a seasoned Japanese provider specializing in airport sleep pods.
  • Design: Unlike typical capsule hotels, Haneda's sleep pods are arranged in an airplane-like configuration, with rows of cabins stacked in two levels, mirroring first and business-class sections.
  • Accessibility: Located in Terminal 1, these pods are great for both short stays during the day and overnight rest.

Types of Sleep Pods:

  • Business Class Capsule (2.5 sq.m.): Compact yet comfortable, these pods are designed for efficiency, offering just the essentials for a restful sleep.
  • First Class Capsule (4.4 sq.m.): These larger units come with a bigger bed, a small table, and increased storage space, making them a bit more luxurious.

Gender Specificity:

  • Distribution: Out of 164 pods, 101 are designated for males and 63 for females, ensuring privacy and comfort.

Whether you're looking to just freshen up or catch some solid sleep, Haneda's sleep pods provide a unique and convenient solution to rejuvenate during your travels.

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