A man sleeping in an airport | Source: Shutterstock
A man sleeping in an airport | Source: Shutterstock

Seeking Rest at Harry Reid International — The Truth About Las Vegas Airport Capsule Hotels and Alternative Sleeping Spots

Milla Sigaba
May 10, 2024
12:30 P.M.
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At Harry Reid International Airport, commonly known as Las Vegas Airport, catching some Z's between flights can be a bit of a gamble. Join us as we navigate the ins and outs of resting at one of the busiest hubs in the entertainment capital of the world.

When facing the prospect of an early morning flight or a lengthy layover at Harry Reid International Airport, commonly referred to as Las Vegas Airport, many travelers ponder the possibility of catching some shut-eye right at the airport.

If you're wondering about the availability of a Las Vegas airport capsule hotel or seeking alternative snooze spots within the airport, read on to uncover practical sleeping solutions that promise to enhance your travel experience.

Do Capsule Hotels Exist at Las Vegas Airport?

Las Vegas Airport Capsule Hotel: Fact or Fiction?

A capsule hotel offerz travelers a novel way to rest, featuring tiny, bed-sized rooms known as capsules. These compact spaces, perfect for a single traveler, reflect a concept that originated in Japan, appealing to those seeking straightforward, economical lodging.

Despite the global spread of capsule hotels, including some that now offer a touch of luxury, you won't find one within the confines of Harry Reid International Airport.

Alternatives for a Quick Nap

If the absence of a capsule hotel has you fretting about where to rest at Las Vegas Airport, fear not. Several convenient alternatives can provide some much-needed relaxation between your travels:

Zero Level Fitness: Just a short walk from the terminals, this facility not only caters to your fitness needs but also offers private rooms for rent. Whether you need a quick nap or a longer slumber, their varied rental packages allow you to tailor your rest period without ever leaving the airport.

Quiet Corners and Hidden Gems: For those who don't mind more improvised sleeping arrangements, Las Vegas Airport has a few lesser-known spots that might just be your next best resting place:

  • The hallway next to the Post Office on Floor 2 offers a quiet and secluded area, ideal for travelers prepared to rest on the floor.
  • The east end of the terminal, with its carpeted floor, tends to be quieter and more comfortable, especially during nighttime hours.
  • For those traveling with kids or just seeking a softer floor, the Children’s play area in D Gates might provide a surprising, yet cozy, sleeping option.
  • Landside, you can find a few armrest-free couches near the slot machines, which are surprisingly quiet, and additional couches tucked away behind Starbucks.

From fitness center rooms to quiet, tucked-away spots throughout the airport, there are plenty of options to suit various needs and preferences.

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