A picturesque Filoli Gardens in Woodside, California.
A picturesque Filoli Gardens in Woodside, California.

Best Time to Visit Filoli Gardens—What You Need to Know

Christell Fatima M. Tudtud
Apr 20, 2024
08:30 A.M.
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Finding the best time to visit Filoli Gardens can make your visit even better. Whether you love spring's colorful blooms, summer's quiet walks, fall's brilliant leaves, or winter's festive fun, this guide will help you decide when to go. Read on to find out more!

Nestled in Woodside, California, Filoli Gardens offers year-round beauty, but your best time to visit depends on what you hope to experience. Many tourists and locals flock to Filoli to soak in the breathtaking scenery of this lush estate.

The best time to visit Filoli largely depends on what you want to experience during your visit. Here are the highlights for each season to help you decide.

The lush Filoli Garden in Woodside, California | Source: Pixabay

The lush Filoli Garden in Woodside, California | Source: Pixabay

Best Time to Visit Filoli Gardens


This is a prime time to visit if you want to see the gardens in full bloom. Spring at Filoli offers stunning floral displays and pleasant weather, making it a popular choice, especially around Easter. However, it's also a peak time for crowds, so if you prefer a quieter visit, you might want to choose another season.


Summer is ideal for exploring the broader estate and engaging in outdoor activities. The Estate Trail Loop offers a chance to learn about the local geology, including the San Andreas Fault. It's less crowded than spring, but be prepared for warmer weather and bring plenty of water.


If you enjoy fall colors, autumn rivals spring in beauty at Filoli, with vibrant foliage transforming the estate. The cooler temperatures and the colorful leaves provide a perfect setting for photography and leisurely walks.


Winter is special for its holiday attractions. The estate is beautifully lit, and there are unique activities like house tours that include Christmas traditions, visits from Santa, holiday entertainment, and a wine bar. This season offers a festive atmosphere that's particularly appealing if you're visiting with family.

Tickets and Membership

Visiting Filoli comes with a price tag, but the experience is truly priceless! Ticket prices vary depending on the season, with winter being the priciest due to holiday adornments. Generally, tickets range from $125 to $250. Children aged 5-17 enjoy discounted rates, while kids under 5 enter for free!

Each season at Filoli offers something unique. Choose spring for flowers, summer for outdoor activities, autumn for fall colors, and winter for festive holiday events. Your choice should align with the type of experience you seek and your preference regarding crowd levels.

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