Travelers strolling through the airport | Source: Shutterstock
Travelers strolling through the airport | Source: Shutterstock

4 Things to Do by Orlando Airport for a Memorable Layover

Christell Fatima M. Tudtud
Dec 26, 2023
10:14 A.M.
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Layovers, whether brief or extended, can often be inconvenient. However, there's a game-changing idea: transform this waiting period into an enjoyable adventure by exploring four things you can do if you ever find yourself at the Orlando Airport.

Many exciting attractions are just a stone's throw away from the airport to help you beat your layover woes. Before exploring, pack essentials like water bottles, comfortable walking shoes, cooling towels, and a shade screen for your car to protect it from the sun.

Speaking of cars, remember that the easiest way to explore Orlando is by having a car. Renting one gives you seamless transportation and the freedom to explore the city on your terms.

Four Things to Do by Orlando Airport

Numerous nearby attractions around Orlando Airport offer you and your family a diverse and enriching experience.

1. Explore alligators at Gatorland

During a layover, experiencing the incredible diversity of crocodiles at Gatorland is a must. Conveniently situated near the Orlando International Airport, this surprisingly underrated theme park offers a unique and entertaining escape.

Appealing to visitors of all ages, Gatorland guarantees a delightful time, particularly for families with kids. Whether you're captivated by adorable baby crocs or in awe of formidable 14-foot giants, there's something for everyone.

However, Gatorland isn't solely focused on alligators; it boasts a variety of attractions, such as a petting zoo, a thrilling zipline, and an off-road experience. These activities make the place ideal for those seeking to maximize layover time with exciting and memorable experiences.

2. Wander around Barber Park

If you're looking for a nice outdoor escape near Orlando Airport, check out Barber Park, just a 14-minute drive away. This hidden gem has many picnic tables in shaded spots, cool volleyball areas, a skate park, and a fantastic dog park.

The place is well taken care of, making it perfect for families. The park offers the serenity of ducks floating on the lake, a playful playground for kids, and expansive green areas for relaxation or recreation.

And before you say goodbye to Orlando, remember to snap some photos at Barber Park. It's a great spot with beautiful scenery, besides doing various activities in the area.

3. Have fun at Crayola Experience Orlando

If you are in the company of little ones and have a few hours to spare, consider exploring the Crayola Experience Orlando at the Florida Mall. It's just a quick 16-minute drive away from the airport.

At the Crayola Experience, you will encounter various activities, including the Chaos and Creativity Show, Color Playground, Stomp and Play, and engaging crafts like Drip Art, Create & Play, and Scribble Scrubbies.

Children can also delve into the fascinating world of crayon production with a behind-the-scenes look. To ensure everyone stays energized and content, there's a cafe available to keep tummies full and spirits high.

4. Dine outside Orlando Airport

Embarking in a new place means diving into a world of unique culinary delights not found in your hometown. Orlando, for instance, offers a range of dining spots outside the airport, adding an exciting layer to your food adventure.

Whether you're in the mood for Italian dishes, American food with fresh, seasonal ingredients, or the real deal in Mexican flavors, you've got plenty of tempting choices just a short drive away.

And if you decide to stick around the airport, there are even more restaurants to check out. Fun fact: Orlando Airport snagged the fifth spot in the 2023 "Top 20 Airports for Foodies" list, so you know you're in for some delicious treats!

Turning your layover near Orlando Airport into a memorable adventure is possible and highly enjoyable. So, lace up those comfy shoes, grab your shades, and unleash your inner explorer — Orlando style.

However, if your travels take you to another destination, like Hawaii, there are unique places to stay in Maui and captivate your senses, just as Orlando does.

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