A Single Pebble | Pizzeria Verità | Source: Facebook/asinglepebble | Instagram/pizzeriaveritavt
A Single Pebble | Pizzeria Verità | Source: Facebook/asinglepebble | Instagram/pizzeriaveritavt

3 of the Best Places to Eat in Burlington Vt — from Artsy Feasts to Italian Treats

Christell Fatima M. Tudtud
Mar 01, 2024
12:30 P.M.
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In the heart of Vermont, Burlington emerges as the ultimate paradise for food enthusiasts! Feeling hungry? Explore the best places to eat in Burlington, VT.

Wander through Burlington's charming streets, and let your taste buds embark on an epic adventure beyond the ordinary! Here, every meal tells a story of creativity, tradition, and innovation.

From artsy eats to European treats, Burlington, VT, offers an unforgettable dining destination.

Commercial stores and restaurants in Burlington, Vermont | Source: Shutterstock

Commercial stores and restaurants in Burlington, Vermont | Source: Shutterstock

Best Places to Eat in Burlington, VT

1. ArtsRiot: Where Culture Meets Cuisine in Burlington's Heart

ArtsRiot is not just a restaurant but a cultural hub in the South End Arts District of Burlington. It offers a unique combination of a restaurant, bar, and event space, hosting live music, art exhibitions, and community events alongside delicious food.

Brewing expert Alan Newman, co-founder of Boston Beer Company’s Alchemy & Science, has recently enhanced their beverage offerings with various exceptional cans and drafts.

2. A Single Pebble: A Culinary Journey from Taipei to Vermont

A Single Pebble tells the story of Chiuho Sampson, who transitioned from photojournalism in Taipei to the culinary world of Vermont. Taking over in 2008, Sampson has rekindled her passion for her native cuisine, offering diners a taste of family-style Chinese cooking that packs bold flavors into every dish.

The menu features a variety of flavorful and expertly prepared dishes, including dim sum, noodle dishes, and regional specialties. The restaurant's cozy atmosphere makes it a favorite among locals and visitors seeking an authentic taste of Chinese cuisine.

3. Pizzeria Verità: A Slice of Neapolitan Perfection in Burlington

Pizzeria Verità is known for its bubbly-crusted, Neapolitan pizzas, earning its place as a Burlington favorite. Using a wood-fired oven, the restaurant creates authentic, thin-crust pizzas with high-quality ingredients sourced from local farmers.

The menu combines classic and creative toppings, such as spicy soppressata and fig with gorgonzola. In addition to pizza, the restaurant offers a selection of antipasti, salads, and desserts, all served in a warm and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of a classic Italian trattoria.

From ArtsRiot's cultural fusion to A Single Pebble's authentic flavors and Pizzeria Verità's Neapolitan mastery, Burlington's dining scene offers unforgettable experiences for every palate.

After savoring Burlington's culinary delights, consider continuing your gastronomic adventure by going to the best places to eat in Salem, MA, for more exceptional dining experiences.

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